Wood Line Srl was founded 25 years ago in Sansepolcro, in the far east side of Tuscany, from the twenty-year experience of the current president in the materials processing industry The initial work of the company is traditional: wood drawn of all diameters and in all finishes. From sticks for sea umbrellas to wooden rods for rain umbrellas, from sticks for curtains to walking sticks. In the field of materials processing in Arezzo, the company soon becomes a leader thanks to new machinery of its own design.

In the following years, the company is inspired by a corporate philosophy aiming a constant innovation; this is the reason why Wood Line buys a CNC milling machine of considerable size capacity, in the years when CNC routers in the wood industry and derivatives are in their infancy. Thanks to this technology, Wood Line increase the sales of other products, conquering new customers. In this way, sections for marine vessels, for furniture, for DIY and other industrial types are produced. In those years also the production of a wide range of umbrellas with entirely wooden frame expands.

Until the mid-90s there has been a continuous rise of these types of goods, followed by a glut in the market caused by the arrival of similar materials imported from the Far East. Therefore, Wood Line increases its production of exhibitors for the sale of products, exploiting a modern machine purchased in 1990 for the laser cutting. Also the processing of methacrylate, iron and steel INOX is stimulated. Meanwhile, the production is moved to the new plant site in San Giustino, in the province of Perugia, just 4 Km. from the original site. The new spaces contribute to the expansion of work and machinery.


Currently, thanks to the installation of a painting line for flat surfaces, the company is able to paint 90% of the production in the factory.

Moreover, Wood Line can count on a considerable amount of useful sub-suppliers to solve any problem.

The main feature of the company is an extreme flexibility of design and production, thanks to the considerable knowledge on the processing of different materials needed today for the most complex projects. Today its production is exported to all European countries, Russia and USA.

The company’s mission is to establish a coherent and constant connection between the knowledge and the know-how, in favour of customers and their satisfaction.